Renfrewshire Council

Stepping up to Scrutiny

During 2013, the Scottish Government commissioned CIH Scotland in partnership with HouseMark Scotland to develop and deliver a scrutiny, training and learning programme aimed at developing effective scrutiny arrangements. It was designed to:

  • Improve organisations' understanding and awareness of scrutiny intentions of the Scottish Social Housing Charter and the related regulatory framework.
  • Test how social landlords and tenants can deliver this in practice.
  • Strengthen the connection between performance management, continuous improvement, value for money and scrutiny.

Renfrewshire Council was selected as one of only 4 organisations within Scotland to participate in this new Scottish Government funded pilot scrutiny training programme: 'Stepping Up to Scrutiny'.  

The other 3 early adopters were:

  • Berwickshire Housing Association
  • Aberdeenshire Housing Partnership and Moray Housing Partnership
  • River Clyde Homes

Our Tenants Scrutiny Panel (TSP) was set-up to help provide another vehicle for tenant involvement and to provide a mechanism for tenants to examine and evaluate our performance in specific service areas.

During 2013/14 we:

  • Recruited council tenants on to the TSP,
  • Completed the 'Stepping Up to Scrutiny' pilot programme,
  • Facilitated the first scrutiny inspection on the 'Void Letting Standard' by the TSP which has been completed
  • Reported the findings to the Senior Management Team in Housing Services, and:
  • Developed improvement actions which have helped us to better understand tenants concerns in this area.
  • Members of the Tenant Scrutiny Panel also helped us to develop the content and the layout of our Tenants Report on the Annual Return on the Charter (ARC) , which was delivered to all Renfrewshire Council tenants during October 2014.

The second scrutiny exercise, looking at the Customer Service Centre and Customer Contact Centre (the tenants' journey) took place between February and April 2015.

If would like further information on the scrutiny process, please contact our Tenant Consultation Officer using the details at the bottom of this page, or write to:

  • Write to us or visit:
    Strategy and Development Section
    Communities, Housing and Planning Services
    Renfrewshire Council
    Renfrewshire House
    Cotton Street
    PA1 1JD