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Tenants' and Residents' Associations

Being part of an organised tenants' and residents' association will give you a greater voice when talking about local issues with Development and Housing Services.

What is a tenants' and residents' association?

Tenants' and residents' associations represent tenants and residents living in an area by putting forward views and concerns about their housing, community and local issues to us. Associations are also involved in a wide range of issues from large-scale improvements and matters of policy, to organising social events for their members.

Usually tenants' and residents' associations are community groups made up of local people acting in a voluntary capacity to promote  the interests of tenants and residents in their area.  

Tenants' and residents' associations can:

  • provide a collective voice for tenants and residents in an area
  • act as a focus for consultation and an organisation to lobby for changes
  • develop extra services through self help schemes, such as pensioners lunch clubs, and
    offer advice to local people and represent individual tenants or residents when dealing with authorities.
  • most tenants' and residents' associations hold regular (at least quarterly) meetings which are open to all tenants and residents within the area, but conduct their business through a smaller committee. Development and Housing Services can provide funding for running and administration costs.


Find out if your street is represented by a tenants' and residents' association

To find out if your street is represented by a Tenants' and Residents' Association please contact the tenant consultation officer.

If your street is not already represented, why not read on to find out how you can set up your own.

Why start a tenants' and residents' association?

There are a lot of reasons for tenants/residents who join together to form an association.

Here are just a few:

  • Organise local people around issues that affect their community.
  • Create a better sense of community in the area where you live.
  • Have a representative voice.
  • Provide the means for tenants to communicate with their landlord to influence a decision making  that affects them and their neighbours' homes.
  • Give accurate advice and information to tenants/residents.
  • Campaign on certain issues, such as better children's play facilities or better housing conditions.

For further information about starting and running a TRA please refer to our guide Getting Involved - A guide to starting and running a Tenants' and Residents' Association. (You can find this in the links on the right hand side of your screen).

How to contact our tenant consultation officer

For further information regarding tenant participation, please contact our tenant consultation officer using the details at the bottom of this page, or write to:

  • Write to us or visit:
    Strategy and Development Team
    Development and Housing Services
    Renfrewshire Council
    Renfrewshire House
    Cotton Street
    PA1 1JD
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