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Preparation of the next Local Development Plan

Update - The Renfrewshire Local Development Plan Proposed Plan was submitted to the Scottish Ministers on 31 January 2020. This page will be updated during the examination.

Review of Renfrewshire Local Development Plan

The adopted Renfrewshire Local Development Plan (August 2014) sets out the policies and proposals for the next ten years but is required to be revised every five years.

Timetable for Preparation of Local Development Plan 2

Renfrewshire Council's Development Plan Scheme 2018 provides more information on timescales for the preparation of the next Renfrewshire Local Development Plan and sets out:

  • the proposed timing for the preparation of the Local Development Plan;

  • details of what is likely to be involved at each stage of the preparation process; and

  • a participation statement indicating when and with whom consultation is likely to take place.

Get Involved

We have established a mailing list to ensure that interested parties are kept informed of progress on the Local Development Plan. If you would like to be informed of progress then please get in touch with your full contact details at the email address below.

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