Renfrewshire Council

Home to school transport update for parents and carers 6 August 2020

This is an update for all parents and carers whose child receives home to school transport. It is dated 6 August 2020.

Dedicated school transport will be regarded as an extension of the school estate, therefore it is not necessary to maintain distance between children and young people of all ages.

Important mitigations and further information on school transport

Children and young people must not board dedicated school or public transport if they, or a member of their household, have symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19).

If a child or young person develops symptoms while at school then they will be sent home. They must not travel on regular home-to-school transport. The school should contact the parent or carer who should make appropriate and safe arrangements to collect the child or young person. In this situation, we strongly advise the child or young person to wear a face covering on the journey.

When travelling on dedicated school transport, face coverings should not be required for most children (those clinically advised to wear a covering would be an exception).

If travelling on public transport, Scottish Government guidance should be followed such as wearing face coverings and maintain physical distancing. 

Parents should remind their child daily of good hand hygiene and discourage them from touching their faces.

Pupils should be encouraged to wash their hands or use sanitiser prior to leaving the house for the school bus. Pupils will also wash their hands when they arrive and leave school.

Parents should remind their child of the importance of adhering to safety arrangements while on school transport, such as fastening their seatbelt and good behaviour towards their peers, the driver, and escort.