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Right for Renfrewshire - introducing the council's new transformation programme

Our priority is to be a sustainable council and place customers, our workforce and the people who rely on our services at the heart of everything we do.

We're concluding our Better Council programme and are now beginning our next phase of change through a programme called 'Right for Renfrewshire'. This programme will take a fundamental look at our purpose, how we operate and the services we deliver - our processes, technology, information and assets, people and structures, and improve every aspect of what we do.

The Right for Renfrewshire programme will be delivered over the next three years (2019-20 to 2021-22). It will look at the council as a whole rather than individual services in isolation - and focus on the most important outcomes for local people.

It will look at every aspect of how we work and the services we deliver to make sure we are sustainable in future and can continue to deliver services that improve lives.

It will make the most of emerging opportunities:

  • developments in digital technology and its potential to influence and change services and ways of working
  • building on the strong partnership working across all sectors
  • and the changing and developing relationship with communities, especially as the Community Empowerment agenda develops and matures.

It's about looking at the very fabric of the organisation and deciding what sort of organisation we want to be. One that's:

Right for people:

  • Giving employees choices about their future
  • Addressing what employees have told us they would like to improve how we deliver our services
  • Creating the conditions that will unlock the skills and experience of our workforce
  • Empowering and engaging employees in designing services and making Renfrewshire a great place to live, learn and work
  • Creating and sustaining the right culture and making sure we live by our values

Right for communities:

  • Giving communities choice about their future
  • Being more responsive and addressing the issues that communities have told us matter most to them
  • Designing place-based, integrated services that are connected to community assets
  • Empowering individuals and communities to be independent, resilient and able to participate in local issues
  • Placing the needs of the individual at the heart of services

A fundamental part of the new change programme is examining our organisational capabilities - our ability to manage our resources and develop our people, and how we work as an organisation. This will help us to deliver the improvements suggested to us through Our Values/Our Renfrewshire engagement with employees an, and make sure our work practices support the organisation we want to be in future. This will underpin future service design.

Work includes examining how we develop our workforce, encourage continuous professional development and career progression, identify future skills gaps and opportunities for staff to retrain, and how we equip staff to self-serve and access work-related information and news at any time.

Designing services fit for the future

Right for Renfrewshire will be different from previous change programmes in that groups of services that share similar processes and systems and contribute to shared outcomes, will be reviewed together. There are six projects in this first financial year 2019-20

Year 1 projects (2019-20)



All services that contribute to place shaping including economic development and regeneration, events and tourism, and parts of housing, planning and environment and infrastructure.

Community Protection

Includes regulatory services that contribute to protecting the safety and wellbeing of local people, such as environmental health, building standards, community safety and licensing.

Facilities Management

Includes both soft and hard FM services and will take a broad look across the wider council estate, linking to asset management.

Customer Transactions

Includes customer and business services, and parts of finance and resources, housing and education administration where there are similar processes.

Developing Communities

Includes all services which can be neighbourhood-based, contribute to a shared local outcome and build capacity and wellbeing in local neighbourhoods.

Early Intervention and Prevention

Includes services within Children's Services such as social work, fostering and adoptions and criminal justice, and services that support people in crisis, such as homelessness.


Keeping you up to date

We will provide staff and communities with information on why we are changing, when it will happen and what the future will look like.

A guide for staff is being developed that will explain Right for Renfrewshire and where there are opportunities to be involved in the change programme and have a say in how services will look in future.

Any changes impacting on employees and services and the timeline of those changes will be shared by management teams.

This section of the website will be kept updated with details on the general programme and Frequently Asked Questions that we will continue to add to as and when information becomes available.

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