Renfrewshire Council

Green food waste caddy

Your green food waste caddy is collected every week on your normal collection day.

Please put your outside food waste caddy out on the kerbside by 7am. Lock it by leaving the handle at the front of the caddy.

If you put something that cannot be recycled using your green food waste caddy, we will not be able to empty it. Non-recyclables can ruin a whole truckload of recycling.

The following materials can be recycled in your food waste caddy:

Yes pleaseNo thanks
All cooked foodFood inside plastic bags
All uncooked foodFood inside packaging
Egg shells 
Plate scrapings 
Out of date food 

Please only use the free liners provided by Renfrewshire Council or biodegradable liners for food waste.  Normal plastic bags are not suitable for the food recycling process used by our contractor.

  1. Put one of the free liners into your indoor caddy
  2. Put any food waste into the liner within the caddy
  3. When the liner is almost full, tie it and remove from the indoor caddy and replace with a new liner
  4. Put the full liner into your outdoor caddy , close and lock the lid
  5. Place your outdoor caddy at the kerbside on your collection day.

When your supply is running low, just tie an unused liner to the handle of the outdoor caddy on your normal collection day. A new supply will be placed inside it after it has been emptied.

The food waste collected is taken to a recycling plant. At the site, it is processed, shredded, pasteurised and then digested. The process changes the food waste into fertilisers and energy.

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