Renfrewshire Council

Your blue bin (from Nov 18)

Your bin collection services are changing in November. Here's a list of what will and won't be able to go in your blue recycling bin once that happens.

Blue bin ✔ Cardboard (flattened)
✔ Cereal boxes
✔ Large brown cardboard boxes
✔ Corrugated cardboard
✔ Toilet and kitchen roll tubes
✔ Cardboard packaging
✔ Paper (clean and dry)
✔ Envelopes (with and without windows)
✔ Magazines
✔ Newspapers
✔ Office paper
✔ Telephone directories
✔ Paperback books
✔ Catalogues
✔Junk mail and takeaway menus

✘ Plastic carrier bags Blue bin
✘ Padded envelopes
✘ Plastic wrapping and bubble wrap
✘ Polystyrene
✘ Packaging with food residue
✘ Used tissues and kitchen roll
✘ Foil wrapping paper
✘ Hardback books
✘Plastics & cans

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