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Apply for a nursery or childcare place

How to apply for a place at a council-run nursery, a private or independent nursery, or a childminder place.

You can apply for a place at a council-run nursery, a private or voluntary nursery that is funded by the council (known as a funded provider) or a childminder who is funded by the council.

Use our online form to apply for a nursery place.

Please note that you'll need to provide your child's original full birth certificate and proof of address as evidence when you apply.

For parents and carers without internet access, you can call your preferred nursery and speak to a member of staff who will help you complete the form. You will need to send in your documents to the nursery by post. We recommend recorded delivery for added security.

If your child is turning three-years old, you should apply while they are two-years old. If your child is currently three and needs a place, please apply as soon as possible.

If your child is two-years old and meets the eligibility criteria listed below, you should apply before they turn two or as soon as you can.

If you currently have a child at a nursery and want their sibling to attend the same one, you should state the names and ages of other children in your family on the application form. You should also talk to the Headteacher or Head of Centre at that nursery to make them aware of your circumstances. We will take this information into consideration when allocating places. 

Nurseries and childminders offering 1140 ELC

Your child will be able to access 1140 hours of early learning and childcare at any council-run nursery or a private or voluntary nursery or childminders listed on our website. 

Due to delays to our building works programme, some nurseries may have limited space to offer all children the expanded hours, however more than 85% of children are already receiving 1140 ELC.

You can see our new timeline for our new build, extensions and refurbishments on our building works update page.

Eligible children

All three and four-year olds are eligible for a nursery place.

Two-year olds that meet the following criteria will also qualify:

  • Children who have been looked-after* by a foster carer or a family member at any time since their 2nd birthday
  • Children who come from households in receipt of the following benefits or credits:
    • Income Support (IS)
    • Job Seekers Allowance (income based)
    • any income related element of Employment and Support Allowance
    • Incapacity or Severe Disablement Allowance
    • State Pension Credit
    • Child Tax Credit, but not Working Tax Credit and based on an income threshold **
    • Child tax Credit and Working Tax Credit and based on an income threshold **
    • support under part VI of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999
    • Universal Credit and your household take-home pay based on a threshold**

*this includes looked after by a local council, the subject of a kinship care order and the subject of a guardianship order

**For further advice on eligibility and current thresholds, take a look at the Scottish Government's guidelines or speak with your local council-run nursery or private or volunteer nursery or childminder listed on our website.

Evidence required for my application

You must include the following evidence when you apply for a nursery place:

  • proof of where you live (your residence)
  • your child's original birth certificate
  • proof of any benefits you receive (for eligible two-year olds).

If you apply by emailing your nursery the form, you can include screenshots of your evidence. Please make sure the image is clear enough to read the text.

If you apply over the phone by calling your preferred nursery, you will need to send us your evidence by post. We recommend sending your documents by recorded delivery for added security.

If you are having any difficulties providing any of the above evidence, please get in touch with your preferred council-run nursery or private or voluntary nursery or childminder by email or phone.

Placement options

In council-run nurseries you'll be able to choose from the following options:

Term time placement

For example

  • 5 sessions of 6 hours per day over 38 weeks

Year-round placement

For example

  • a morning (8am - 1pm) or afternoon (1pm - 6pm) session for 48 weeks
  • 2.5 days per week for 48 weeks; extended day for up to 10 hours.

It will also be possible to create a blended childcare arrangement, whereby children can go to more than one early learning and childcare setting, including childminders, across a week.

The options for early learning and childcare hours provided by private and voluntary nurseries and childminders may differ slightly from those provided by the council. You'll be advised of the childcare options available to you when you apply for an early learning and childcare place with one of our approved funded providers.

If you need to review your early learning and childcare hours, speak to your child's nursery or childminder as they'll be best placed to advise you on an alternative arrangement.

Panel areas for nurseries and childminders

You can apply for your child to attend any nursery or childminder you wish, however you must apply to a council-run nursery or a private or volunteer nursery or childminder listed on our website if you wish to access 1140 hours of free early learning and childcare.

Places are allocated using the priority system detailed in the council's admissions policy. If there are not enough places at your preferred nursery or childminder, children living within the admissions panel area will be considered first. 

If we can't offer your child a place at your first choice nursery or childminder, we will offer you a place at another nursery or childminder in that admission panel area. This is usually your second or third choice nursery or childminder. 

Johnstone, Howwood and Lochwinnoch

  • Auchenlodment ELCC
  • Gleniffer Nursery
  • Lochwinnoch ELCC
  • Mid Gavin Nursery
  • Spateston ELCC
  • Stepping Stones Nursery
  • St Margaret's ELCC
  • West Johnstone ELCC


  • 3 Bears Nursery
  • Glendee ELCC
  • Kirklandneuk ELCC
  • Little Flowers Nursery
  • Little Stars Hillington
  • Moorpark ELCC
  • Renfrew Day Nursery

Erskine, Bishopton, Inchinnan and Langbank

  • Bright Starts Nursery
  • Cairellot Day Nursery
  • Carli's Kindergarden
  • Dargavel ELCC (not yet open)
  • Enchanted Forest
  • Erskine Community Nursery - Bargarran
  • Erskine Community Nursery - St Anne's
  • St Anne's ELCC
  • St John Bosco ELCC

Houston, Bridge of Weir, Brookfield and Kilbarchan

  • Abbey Nursery Houston
  • Bridge of Weir ELCC
  • Gryffe Manor
  • Houston ELCC
  • Kilbarchan Community Nursery
  • Rivendale Nursery


  • Carli's Kindergarden Linwood
  • East Fulton ELCC
  • Linwood Community Childcare
  • Our Lady of Peace ELCC

Foxbar, Glenburn, Brediland and Meikleriggs

  • Bushes ELCC
  • Carriagehill Nursery Green Road
  • Foxlea ELCC
  • Glenburn ELCC
  • Glenfield ELCC
  • Heriot ELCC
  • St Peter's ELCC

Paisley West - Elderslie, Baronscroft, Castlehead and Westend

  • Abbey Nursery Paisley
  • Hugh Smiley ELCC
  • Maxwellton Park Nursery
  • St Mary's ELCC
  • Wallace ELCC
  • West ELCC

Paisley West - Ferguslie, Shortroods and Phoenix Park

  • Douglas Street ELCC
  • Ferguslie ELCC
  • Glencoats Lodge
  • Happitots Nursery
  • Hillview ELCC
  • Mossvale ELCC
  • Rainbow Nursery

Paisley Central - Charleston, Hawkhead, Hunterhill, Lochfield, Paisley South and Todholm

  • Carriagehill Drive Nursery
  • Lochfield ELCC (not yet open)
  • Jennyswell Nursery
  • Nursery Times
  • Orchard Grove Nursery
  • Paisley ELCC
  • St Charles' ELCC
  • Todholm ELCC

Paisley Central - Gallowhill, Paisley North, Ralston and Seedhill

  • Abbeymill Childcare
  • Gallowhill ELCC
  • Leaps and Bounds Nursery
  • Little Learners
  • Ralston ELCC
  • St Catherine's ELCC
  • West College Scotland
  • Williamsburgh ELCC

Confirmation of my nursery or childminder place

We look at nursery applications as soon as we receive them. Your application will be considered at the next admissions panel meeting, which is normally held monthly. 

If your child will be attending a private or voluntary nursery or childminder, they will confirm your child's nursery place with you. 

If we aren't able to provide your child a place at your first preference nursery, we will offer you a place at your second or third choice where possible. The Headteacher or Head of Centre of that nursery will contact you to offer you that place.

If you have any questions  about your application or the placement process, please discuss this with the Headteacher or Head of Centre at your preferred nursery or childminder that you have originally applied to.

If the matter is not resolved, you can also contact Children's Services at the address below (see bottom of page).

Unlike school placing requests, there is no appeal process for nursery placements.

Date my child starts nursery or childcare

When your child starts nursery depends on when their birthday is. We will always let you know your child's start date when we confirmed your child's nursery placement.

Two-year olds who meet the qualifying criteria would start going to nursery or to a childminder the term after their second birthday:

If your child is born from:

They would start nursery from:

March to August


September to December


January and February



Three-year olds would start going to nursery or to a childminder as follows:

If your child is born on or between:

They would start nursery from:

March to August

Autumn term (August)

September to February

Month after their third birthday

Applying for wraparound care

You can buy additional sessions or additional hours - known as wraparound care - on top of your free early learning and childcare hours if you are in work, in training or in education. You can do this before or after you have been allocated your child's free hours. 

Children under three-years-old who don't meet the criteria for free hours can attend nursery if their hours are paid for. 

For council-run nurseries, you can buy additional hours within the following hours

  • early learning and childcare centres - extended day and extended year
  • early learning and childcare classes - school hours and term time

Access to wraparound care is dependent on the availability of places within that nursery.