Renfrewshire Council

Building international friendships

This week pupils from a school in our twin town of Fürth came to Paisley to visit their peers at Gleniffer High School.

I was delighted to welcome our young friends from Germany and joined them for a tour of Paisley Abbey before showing them the Council Chambers in Renfrewshire House.

We were twinned with Fürth in 1969 so this year is our 50th anniversary. Celebrating our international links is very important and it is great that our young people are also able to get involved and learn about other cultures.

Earlier this year I launched the Provost's School Exchange Fund, offering schools in Renfrewshire the chance to take part in exchange visits to schools in either Fürth or our other twin town of Gladsaxe in Denmark.

Exchange trips will expose pupils to new cultures and languages, and pupils will improve their international awareness. As well as forming friendships, the exchanges contribute towards acceptance and understanding of different cultural traditions.

We've hosted a number of visits from our twin towns to Renfrewshire but this fund will enable our local schools to plan return trips to build on the friendships they've formed for the very first time.

I love that in my role as Provost I've been able to support our schools and make the dream of exchange trips a reality.




Published 25 October2019