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Pupils talking with a teacher

Education Scotland Attainment Advisor, Emma McGill: working in Renfrewshire schools on attainment

Emma shares her experiences in her unique role working for Education Scotland within our council.

I'm working with the Attainment Team in Renfrewshire Council on the Scottish Attainment Challenge programme. The programme supports schools and local authorities to focus on targeted improvement in learning and teaching; families and communities and leadership. It is focused on supporting pupils in Scottish local authorities who have the highest levels of poverty and ensuring every child has the same opportunity to succeed.

There are a team of attainment advisors working in every local authority in Scotland. We work with local authority staff, headteacher, school staff and staff in third sector organisations too. I have been involved in a range of different activities.

Every day is different. My day may involve a visit to a school to work with a headteacher looking at how well the children are achieving and how that can be improved. I can be leading a planning session for staff who are focused on children as they move from P7 to S1. I can also be delivering training to groups of staff on topics like learning and teaching.

Throughout all of this, my job is to keep a real focus on levelling the playing field for all children, so they are provided with the education they deserve and the tools they need to succeed. The team in Renfrewshire have a real commitment to this and we continue to work well in partnership towards delivering this outcome.


More about Emma

Education Scotland Attainment Adviser, Emma McGill  Emma McGill has worked at Education Scotland since October 2018. Prior to that, Emma was a primary headteacher.


Published on Monday 16 September 2019.

Pictured: Pupil talking with a teacher.