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Two newly qualified art and design teachers who will be working their probation year at Park Mains High School, Renfrewshire

Newly qualified teachers ready for Renfrewshire's classrooms

They told us us why they're excited to work their probation year in Renfrewshire.

In a room full of newly qualified teachers going through their induction to our council, we asked them why they chose us and what they are most excited about for the next year.


Dorothy, Teacher at Houston Primary School

Dorothy, newly qualified Teacher at Houston Primary School

Renfrewshire Council is new to me. I've just moved into the area. I know it is a good council to work for and the area is fairly spread out so you won't be living where you work. 

I think the support the council gives its newly qualified teachers is great and that was an important reason I chose Renfrewshire.

I'm looking forward to the challenge and having my own class and timetable to prepare. It's great to be able to set the curriculum and have the freedom to explore different topics.


Jamie, Teacher at Bishopton Primary School

Jamie, newly qualified Teacher at Bishopton Primary School

I did two of my placements in Renfrewshire and I really enjoyed them both so it made sense to do my probation year here too.

Right now, I'm happy to experience this year and then I might consider teaching abroad in future.


Lisa, Teacher at Thorn Primary School

Lisa, newly qualified Teacher at Thorn Primary School

Renfrewshire was my first choice. I live here.

I'm taking a P7 class and it is such a big year for pupils. There is a lot going on and it is down to me to ensure they do well and are prepared for their move to secondary school. It's an exciting challenge.

I'd like to learn more about teaching children with autism while I'm here. I'd also like to learn and teach sign language in the classroom. I think everyone should know it.


James, Art and Design Teacher at Park Mains High School

James, newly qualified Art and Design Teacher at Park Mains

I live locally and have a young daughter so I'm not able to travel far to work. Renfrewshire has a good reputation for professional learning and support for newly qualified teachers. 

I'm looking forward to working with Nat 5s. I'll get to see a class all the way through the year and we'll need to study four times a week so there are loads of opportunities for development. 

In terms of professional learning, I'm interested in anything practical, behaviour and communications-related. 


Lisa, English Teacher at St Andrew's Academy

Lisa, newly qualified English Teacher at St Andrew's Academy

I went to school here and I know the area well, definitely better than anywhere else.

I'm glad I am working at St Andrew's Academy. It has a diverse range of pupils and I think that adds to a positive school ethos.

I'm looking forward to getting to know the kids. They are the funniest people you will meet in your life, even if they don't know they are being funny.


Derek, English Teacher at Park Mains High School

Derek, newly qualified English Teacher at Park Mains

I feel Renfrewshire is a welcoming council for teachers. I did my placement here. It's also close to my home and was my first choice.

I'd like to work here after my probation year but if not, I definitely want to be in a secondary school in Scotland.


Rhona, Art and Design Teacher at Park Mains High School

Rhona, newly qualified Art and Design Teacher at Park Mains

I live in Inverclyde so I wanted somewhere close to where I live but not within my local authority. Renfrewshire is very close to my home.

I'm excited to work with pupils on their Nat 5s. It will be good to go through everything, from starting a project, working on their portfolio and right up to their exams. 

I'm interested in helping pupils with their behavioural development and learn effective strategies that can support them.


Published on Friday 16 August 2019

Pictured: James and Rhona, NQTs at Park Mains High School.

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