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Case study: West Johnstone mum-of-three says Pizza Learning Programme brought her family closer together

A mum-of three says a learning programme designed to help raise attainment and boost confidence has brought her family closer together.

Cath, from West Johnstone, said the Pizza Learning Programme, managed and co-ordinated by CLD Practitioners, has helped all of her children, boosting their confidence as well as reading and maths skills.

The family found out about the programme, which provides an opportunity for parents and children to learn and socialise together, after her daughter Sharon was invited to attend Pizza Reading at St David's Primary.

Cath said she initially felt 'anxious and uncomfortable' about attending with her daughter but this changed after the first session, which included arts, crafts and games. Her son Liam also started attended Pizza Reading when he was six-years-old.

She said: "The staff were very welcoming and approachable and it's really improved Sharon and Liam's confidence and reading skills. Sharon loves to read out loud now and often disappears to her bedroom to read a book."

After seeing the positive impact Pizza Reading had on Sharon and Liam, Cath encouraged her son Kevin to attend Pizza Time, which supports families whose children are moving from primary to secondary school. The 20-week programme aims to build confidence, self-awareness, self-esteem and raise aspirations and attainment while also giving families time to build long lasting relationships and grow as a community.

She said: "He was very shy when he started but Pizza Time helped boost his confidence. I'm very proud of him."

All of Cath's children also attended Pizza Maths because they thought they 'weren't good at it and wanted to improve'.

She said the sessions helped her children understand how relevant maths is in everyday life and boosted their confidence, with Kevin saying the programme helped him achieve 100% in a High School regional maths test.

The sessions, which are held at tea-time, also provide attendees with pizza, giving families a chance to socialise after learning together.

Cath said the Pizza Learning Programme has not just helped her children, it's also boosted her confidence and encouraged her to try new things.

She added: "Spending more time with my children at Pizza Learning brought us closer together as a family and strengthened our relationships.

"The sessions also gave me the confidence to try new things. Before Pizza Learning I would never have considered getting involved in the St David's Parent Council because I didn't think I had the right skills but now I'm a member and I'm enjoying being involved in it.

"I feel more confident and capable of helping the children with their homework and I'm very proud of what we've achieved."

The names of the parents and children in this case study have been changed

Published: 14 June 2019