Renfrewshire Council

Paisley skyline

Celebrating a special anniversary

This weekend I am honoured to be hosting a visit to Paisley from the Mayor of Fürth, our twin town in Germany.

We were twinned with Fürth in 1969 - making this year our 50th anniversary! We have a strong and special relationship with Fürth and have had many exchanges with our friends over the years - from civic visits to school visits, and visits organised by independent organisations. Just last year we hosted visitors from the Rotary Club of Fürth who were celebrating their 10th anniversary of being linked with the Rotary Club of Paisley.

Celebrating our strong international links is very important and I'm looking forward to showing the Mayor of Fürth around our lovely town. We've got a busy weekend ahead with visits to Sandy Stoddart's studio and Thomas Coats Memorial Church planned. Our visitors will also get the opportunity to visit the Paisley Food and Drink Festival - experiencing one of the highlights of our town centre events programme.

I'm especially looking forward to taking our guests to Paisley Abbey on Saturday evening where we'll be joined with another group from Fürth, the Friends of Renfrewshire.

Fürth have three other twin towns but we are their oldest twin. I am looking forward to hosting our guests this weekend to celebrate such a momentous occasion and excited to continue to strengthen our friendships during the rest of my term as Provost.



Published 25 April 2019