Renfrewshire Council

Employability award winners 2018

Renfrewshire ranked best in Scotland again for helping people into work

Our employability programmes have been rated the best in Scotland for the second year running in the latest national benchmarking report.

The Local Government Benchmarking Framework Indicator Profile, which rates the performance of all Scottish councils, showed we are performing at more than double the national average for assisting unemployed people into work.

Our dedicated employability team has helped more than 2500 people find new jobs in the past three years, while our employment rate is considerably higher than the national average - in particular for youth employment.

What did the report say?

We are ranked in the top eight councils in 22 indicators, including the percentage of pupils to gain five or more awards at Level 5, satisfaction with leisure facilities and cost of trading standards services.

Of the 70 indicators that data is available nationally, 41 have improved since the previous year, with 10 remaining unchanged and 19 declining.

Some of the key highlights are:

  • More than 99% of council homes are energy efficient
  • 4 in 5 adults are satisfied with local schools
  • More than half of the highest paid 5% of employees are woman
  • Renfrewshire ranks fifth for satisfaction with leisure facilities
  • More than three-quarters of adults are happy with museums and galleries
  • Ranked eighth national for the average time taken to complete non-emergency repairs

The report also raises areas which Renfrewshire ranks lower when compared to other local authorities in Scotland, with the road quality, street cleanliness and absence rates indicators in need of improvement.

What are we doing to improve?

Our 2019/20 budget invests £40million in our roads, building on the £7.2million investment last year, and this will make a tangible difference to the quality and durability of our roads, pathways and cycle routes - and means we expect to be ranked highly for the cost of roads maintenance.

We have invested £2.5million in our successful Team Up to Clean Up campaign and the funding for the enhanced street cleaning programme, as well as the visible local support, will make a positive change to the cleanliness of our streets, immediately and in the long-term.

We also continue to work closely with our staff to provide them with the support they need to carry out their role, including providing counselling services, occupational health support and a focus from the Corporate Management Team on improving the rate of absence within the organisation.

What is the report?

The annual report collates data across a range of services including education, housing and adult social care, considering service costs, their effectiveness and customer satisfaction, and rates them against the other 31 local authorities in Scotland.

The findings will be considered by councillors in a report to the Audit, Risk and Scrutiny Board on Monday 18 March 2019.

Published 13 March 2019.