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ParentPay lands in six Renfrewshire schools

Six Renfrewshire schools are going cashless in the New Year.

Six Renfrewshire schools are going cashless in the New Year.

The six schools will make the switch to ParentPay as their preferred method of payment in January.  

The secure online payment system means parents and carers will no longer have to search for cash or their cheque books ahead of the school run, and children won't be exposed to the dangers of carrying cash - such as theft or bullying.  

Currently operating in 8,500 schools across the UK, ParentPay allows parents and carers to add funds to their child's account to pay for school meals, trips, equipment and more.  The first schools to go live with ParentPay are:  

Primary schools  

·         Auchenlodment  

·         Howwood  

·         St Fillan's  

·         St James' (Renfrew) 

High schools  

·         Castlehead  

·         Gryffe    

Parents and carers of pupils at these schools will be receiving activation letters with step-by-step instructions to register for ParentPay.  

ParentPay can be linked to your existing MyGovScot MyAccount, meaning no need to remember any additional usernames and passwords, and up to six children can be added to one ParentPay login if they attend a ParentPay school.  

By summer 2020 Renfrewshire Council hope to significantly reduce - and where possible eliminate - cash handling and processing in all schools by encouraging all parents to use ParentPay. We'll keep you updated on each phase of the project with go-live dates for more schools.  

To sign up for MyAccount visit