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Bishopton pupils taking part in European Day of Languages activities

Bishopton pupils prove that learning a new language can be fun.

Pupils at Bishopton Primary School took part in an all-day event to show off their savoir-faire in other languages.

Held on European Day of Languages, Principal Teacher Karen McDowall told us that the kids enjoyed a fun learning day filled with activities that we are sure the kids thought was the crème de la crème.

The P1-P3 pupils spent a day signing French songs and creating their own slogan t-shirts, while the P4 - P7 pupils create their best poster designs and even penned some new songs about why it's good to learn another language.

We are sure the songs are par excellence.

Karen said: "Everyone was involved - pupils, parents and staff - and the whole day was a fantastic way to talk about modern languages. Our MFL Co-ordinator, Mrs Ferguson, planned a whole day and we included parents and even a former pupil to talk about why knowing other languages has helped them in their everyday lives."

What happened at the end of all that fun, you ask? Winners were picked from each house and the winners from both the Eagles and the Hawk assembly and winners are below. Et voilà!

Winners of European Day of Languages activities at Bishopton Primary School

It sure sounds like it was a great day and we bet it also gave all pupils even more raison d'être.


Did you like our French twist to this article?

Here's the meaning of the French words we used in this article.

Savoir-faire = know how

Par excellence = by excellence

Raison d'être = reason for being

Crème de la crème = cream of the cream

Et voilà! = see there, success


Published: Monday 15 October 2018.

Pictured: Pupils from the Eagles and Hawks houses at Bishopton Primary School.