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Arkleston pupils eating lunch on their first day back at school

Cashless school payments means parents don't need to search for lunch money

Renfrewshire schools adopting a new online payment system will mean no more frantic mornings searching for loose change.

Parents will no longer have to scramble through their wallets or coin jars for lunch money each morning as a new cashless system ParentPay starts to come online in schools next year.

Instead, parents can load up their child's account with money and monitor what is spent online.

It also means that pupils won't have to go into school with larger sums of money for school trips, which can also be paid for online.

To start with, six schools will be the first to go live with ParentPay, which already operates in more than 5,000 UK schools.

Primary schools

  • Auchenlodment
  • Howwood
  • St Fillan's
  • St James' (Renfrew)

Secondary schools

  • Castlehead
  • Gryffe

The above schools are expected to go live early next year and parents will be kept up-to-date by their child's school.

We'll also keep you updated on each phase of the project and give you more information once we get closer to the first go-live date.

Published: Wednesday 17 October 2018.

Pictured: Pupils eating school dinners at Arkleston Primary School.