Renfrewshire Council

Where are we right now?

The next area to be the focus of the Your Home, Your Street, Our Community programme is Paisley Town Centre.

Paisley town centre intervention area The programme aims to tackle what you as residents, businesses and visitors believe will make a difference to the area.

We asked you to tell us what the issues are in the town centre and our survey received more than 640 responses.

The programme's working group have now created a plan of action utilising the skills of all the partners involved to make real change in the area.

We'll also provide a support process for the community to ensure the good work can be carried on once the intervention is over.

What you said are the main issues

  • Safety at night
  • Antisocial behaviour
  • Drug dealing
  • Violent crime
  • Intimidating groups
  • Housebreakings
  • Littering
  • Speeding vehicles
  • Parking
  • Places to visit

What you want to see happen

  • More visible police presence
  • Tackle youth disorder
  • More activities and clubs for young people
  • More CCTV
  • Better parking

What we are doing

  • Additional Police patrols
  • Mobile CCTV van in the town centre more often
  • Warrant initiatives - especially around drug dealing
  • Visits to retailers to discuss the sale of alcohol and fireworks
  • Supporting homeless people on the options available
  • Ensuring charity workers are aware of their responsibilities
  • Working with elderly people and sheltered housing to promote safety messaging
  • Speeding day of action
  • Increased patrols to tackle illegal parking
  • Open day for young people showcasing activities and clubs available
  • 'Safe Bus' being available in the town centre
  • Targeted enforcement of trade waste issues
  • Re-examining the town's CCTV cameras to ensure they are in the best positions
  • Introducing taxi marshalling on Friday and Saturday nights
  • Supporting the town's Purple Flag campaign

There were a number of issues raised around the shops and empty properties in the town centre.

This is not something that the Your Home, Your Street, Our Community campaign is able to tackle as it specifically deals with safety issues over a short intervention period.

But as a council, we are working hard to change the fortunes of the town albeit there are some issues that we are cannot address so easily.

We've tried to answer a lot of these questions in our Paisley Town Centre Q&A.