Renfrewshire Council


A Night at the Opera

A couple of weeks ago we were delighted to welcome Scottish Opera to Paisley for a brilliantly unique project - a performance of Pagliacci in a tent at Seedhill Community Sports Ground.

I must admit that the scale of the production completely blew me away, and I'm sure anyone who saw the structure of 'Paisley Opera House' taking shape was also suitably impressed.

The show was very immersive, with members of the community chorus moving around the tent interacting with the audience, and circus themed pre-show entertainment to set the scene.

The community chorus, involving many singers from Renfrewshire, were key to the action - cleverly moving the audience around the tent to take in the performances from the best vantage point.

You could really feel the buzz in the air, and I even got to join in with a dance around the tent! It's so thrilling to have the chance to get up close to a professional orchestra, and professional opera singers who are giving it their all.

I'd like to offer a huge congratulations, and express my gratitude to all those involved in the production from the production team to the volunteer staff, the community chorus, the orchestra and the talented performers.

Unique events like this are really what makes Paisley so special and I hope Scottish Opera choose to come and work with us again.



Published 17 August 2018