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Renfrew pupils talk mental health with YOYP Champion

Young people working on mental health projects got the chance to meet Renfrewshire's Year of Young People Champion ahead of a showcase at their school.

Pupils from Trinity High School, Renfrew, spoke with Councillor Michelle Campbell about their health and mental wellbeing week-long event including Change Ur Mind, which takes place on Tuesday 22 May as part of Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival.

The showcase includes a series of workshops, films and interactive activities for pupils and is also part of Scotland's celebration of the Year of Young People; the world's first-ever showcase of youth achievements and contribution to community.

Councillor Michelle Campbell was delighted to talk with young people about mental health. She said: "Having worked in mental health field, I firmly believe good mental health is vital and I'm delighted that young people are developing their own projects to support themselves and their peers.

"Young people have a key role in their own education and teachers, youth workers and other adults can do a lot to support that.

"Having good mental health as a young person is a key vital to their success in later life. As the YOYP Champion, I want to show my support for the fantastic contributions young people are making in here in Renfrewshire."

Trinity High pupil Sharon Pudippurackal

Sharon Padippurackal, 14, is one of the young people that created and delivered the event Change Ur Mind. He said: "Knowledge is important to making the right choices to support good health and mental wellbeing. I've learnt a lot being involved in Hearty Lives project and I'm one of the Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival Youth Panel.

"When friends ask me for advice, I can tell them what has been shown to help - such as eating healthy food and getting some exercise. I've also learnt that running an event is a lot of hard work, but it's worth it to help my peers."

Community Learning Officer, Melissa Muir, is part of the Council's youth services team and worked with pupils to develop the showcase.

Youth worker Melissa Muir at Trinity High School, Renfrew

Melissa said: "We run relaxation classes in school before exams and are developing a wellbeing base to give pupils a place to relax and reduce stress. Young people have also visited local primary schools to work with younger pupils on healthy activities."

Published 18 May 2018.

Pictured: Elah McCorkindale, Mirren Bisland, Headteacher Margaret Renfrew, youth worker Melissa Muir, PE teacher Martin McInnes, Sharon Padippurackal, Daniel Potts, YOYP Champion Councillor Michelle Campbell, and Megan McCann.