Renfrewshire Council

About adoption

What is adoption?

In Renfrewshire, we believe all children should reach their full potential. For some, this means joining new families who
can give them the love, care and security their birth family are unable to provide.

Adoption is the legal process in which all the rights and responsibilities relating to a child are transferred to the adoptive parents.

"When we first adopted 'our' children, they were adopted children; it wasn't too long before they were just 'our' children."
Karen and Michael, adoptive parents

Why choose Renfrewshire Council?

Our adoption team has a wealth of experience behind them and we offer a responsive service to those who contact us.

Our team is dedicated to ensuring the needs of children are at the centre of our work. We aim to provide high-quality and stable permanent care to ensure positive outcomes.

Basic requirements to become an adopter

  • You need to be over 21
  • You need to have a spare room
  • You need to be in good health
  • You can be unemployed
  • You can be single, married, cohabiting, or in a civil partnership
  • You can own or rent your property
  • You can be of any religious background or cultural background
  • You can already be a parent or have no parenting experience

Having a commitment to children, flexible thinking, energy, patience, maturity, an ability to manage stress, problem
solving skills and a good support network will all assist you to support a child's transition through sometimes difficult periods of their life.