Renfrewshire Council

Danish Scouts visit twin town of Paisley

It was a real privilege to welcome more visitors from Paisley's twin town of Gladsaxe in Denmark this week.

Renfrewshire opened its arms to 34 school children from the Danish city last month, as they enjoyed a film-making visit to Renfrew High School.

This time we were delighted to welcome 36 scouts from FDF Bagsværd-Stengård for a summer camp in Paisley.

I enjoyed hosting a civic reception for the scouts at Lapwing Lodge - which is used for Scout Camps and other youth organisations in Renfrewshire - and getting the chance to get to find out more about their visit.

As well as exploring the sights and sounds of Paisley, the scouts will enjoy the Highland Games in Luss, a hiking trip on part of the West Highland Way and a visit to Edinburgh.

The young scouts will also get the chance to test what they have learned with their own local Highland Games at the Lapwing Lodge before travelling back home to Denmark.

Paisley and Gladsaxe were officially named twin towns in 1990 and have maintained strong links to this day.

While the twinning was only made official as the 90's began, the first contact between the towns was made back in 1957 when the Boys Brigade made contact with the FDF Gladsaxe Brass Band.

One year later, the first school exchange was set up between the two areas and these links continued until the official twinning took place.

It was fantastic to have our friends from Denmark visiting again and I look forward to strengthening our links with Gladsaxe in the future.