Renfrewshire Council

Niamh McLaughlin

Name: Niamh McLaughlin Niamh McLaughlin
Age: 16
MSYP for: Paisley

Why did you put yourself forward as a candidate?
I chose to run as a candidate for the SYP because I see the challenges that face young people head on and I want to make a change. Often adults make decisions regarding young people but the SYP allows young people to have the power to make decisions and to have their voices heard.

What excites you about the Scottish Youth Parliament?
Instead of letting adults be in charge of our futures I wanted to take a stand and contribute so it isn't just the older generation who make decisions regarding us. Also hearing stories of what past MYSPs have achieved made me want to do the same and help to make Scotland a better place for young people. Now that I have been elected I plan to do my best and make as many positive changes I can for our generation.

What are your main aims for your two year term?
One of the main issues that young people and students face is having to pay a full price adult train ticket. This may not seem like a big deal but for students who have to get a train most days or for those that just don't have a lot of money this can be seen as a big inconvenience. I believe that if your a full time student or under the age of 18 you shouldn't have to pay the high price of an adult ticket. This is one of my main aims for my two year term, I know this will be quite hard to achieve due to ScotRail being a major company but I will try my hardest to try and make a change for the better.

What are your plans for the future?
Becoming an MYSP could help me to get into politics as a career however I am also very interested in law. Both career paths would be great for me but I am still undecided between politics and law.