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Brown Bin Collections Q&A

Changes to Brown Bin Collections - Your questions answered

I do not use a brown bin at the moment—what do I do?

If you are on a brown bin route but do not have a brown bin, please contact us on 0300 300 0300 or email and we will get one to you.

If you are not on a brown bin route there is no change to your service.

If you're not sure what route you are on, you can email

When will my brown bin be emptied?

Your brown bin will be emptied on your normal collection day. There will be no change to your collection day.

Why does my bin need to be out by 7am?

Your bin might not be emptied at the same time on each collection day, so you must put it out for collection at 7am.

What happens if my bin is contaminated?

If your bin is contaminated with items that can't be recycled, a contamination sticker will be attached and it will not be emptied. If you remove the contaminants, the bin will be emptied on your next scheduled collection day.

Why should my bin lid be closed?

Closing the lid minimises odour, deters vermin, prevents litter and protects the health and safety of our collection crews.

Will I still get help with pulling my bin to the kerbside?

Yes, if you have an assisted collection, this will continue.

Why should I recycle food waste?

More than one-third of the waste in an average Scottish bin is food. Collecting food waste for recycling stops it from going to landfill and means that it can be turned into compost. All the food we collect is taken to a composting plant.

Putting food waste in the brown bin makes it is easier and more efficient to collect the same type of material in the same containers on the same route with the same vehicle.

What should I do with my green food waste bin?

You can keep it and choose to use it how you wish. Some people choose to use them to transport their food waste to their brown bin.

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