Renfrewshire Council

New report reveals dramatic boost for the prospects of Renfrewshire school leavers

Council chiefs in Renfrewshire have welcomed new figures showing that local school leavers have more opportunities than ever to go into further education, training or employment.

Statistics from the Scottish Government have revealed that Renfrewshire has jumped from 28th to 10thhighest among Scotland's 32 local authority areas for young people moving into 'positive destinations.'

93.4% of 1,930 young people had positive outcomes in the year after they left school. Renfrewshire had the 7th highest percentage of school leavers entering and sustaining their places on higher education courses - 40%. The percentage of leavers entering employment increased to 27.4%. The impressive figures are the result of an April 2016 follow up to the initial school leaver destination report for 2014-15.

Renfrewshire Council believes that additional programmes will improve the position even further in the future.

Councillor Jacqueline Henry, Convener of Renfrewshire Council's Education Policy Board, said: "Renfrewshire has worked hard to give our young people more options and greater access to further education, training or jobs and we are seeing the results here.

"There is a strong partnership approach in Renfrewshire which brings in public agencies, business and academic organisations, and the third sector. Not only are we giving young people in general more support than ever, we are putting in place targeted approaches which are supporting young people and families who need that help the most. Flexible approaches are improving learning and personal development, and showing young people a route into apprenticeships, higher education and employment. Skills and confidence are being gained which will be valuable throughout careers not just the first few years of working life.

"We are continuing to build on and develop our programmes to bring further sustained opportunities once pupils leave school. The success in giving school leavers more opportunities is also reflected in Renfrewshire's turnaround on youth employment where our record is better than the national average"