Renfrewshire Council

Volunteers make a positive difference to Renfrewshire

Volunteers are tremendous citizens who deserve to be recognised for the positive difference that they make to our local communities. I was privileged to honour Renfrewshire's volunteers at a special event this week celebrating the work they do.

It was arranged by Renfrewshire's Volunteer Manager Forum through which more than 40 organisations, partners and agencies work together on many aspects of volunteering.  Many of its members rely solely on volunteers to deliver their services.

Statistics from the Scottish Household Survey (2014) show that there are 34,000 people in Renfrewshire who volunteer - each with their own reasons for doing so. We know that many people are driven to care for others, share skills and expertise and/or drive positive change in their community.

We also know that volunteers get a lot out of their commitment: new knowledge and experience, new friends, career opportunities and the satisfaction that comes from doing the right thing and actively making a difference.

I believe in the value of volunteering and the value it has on community to improve the here-and-now and build a better future.

34,000 volunteers is a big number that shows the extent of opportunities - and need - in Renfrewshire. It is also shows the scale of the organisation required to keep this mighty machine working for the common good.

I would like to say thank you to each and every one of Renfrewshire's volunteers for what you do for people in the day-in, day-out.