Renfrewshire Council

Business Improvement District (BID) Business rates

What is a Business Improvement District BID?

A BID is a business-led initiative within a geographically defined area, where businesses come together and agree to invest collectively in projects and services that they believe will improve their trading environment.

Paisley First can provide more information about the Paisley Town Centre BID.

Below is a table detailing the annual BID levy.

BandRV (rateable value) rangeAnnual levy
A£1000 - £3999£200
B£4000 - £6999£280
C£7000 - £9999£340
D£10000 - £15999£480
E£16000 - £25999£600
F£26000 - £49999£780
G£50000 - £75999£880
H£76000 - £87999£1600
I£88000 - £139999£2400
J£140000 - £799999£3000
K£800000  or above£6000



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