Renfrewshire Council

Open Data in Renfrewshire

The Council is taking a lead role in complying with the Scottish Government's Open Data Strategy but in doing so believes the vision for open data in Renfrewshire should be holistic from a Community Planning Partnership perspective. 

An Initial Open Data Strategy for Renfrewshire has been produced to start the open data initiative, stimulate conversation and to gather support from Renfrewshire partners.

In addition to the Initial Open Data Strategy for Renfrewshire and in line with the Scottish Government's Open Data Strategy, the Council has published an open data publication plan using the Scottish Government template.  

The plan should be viewed as a guide only as it will change as Renfrewshire partners join in the initiative and assist with formulating publishing plans and data sets are offered or requested to be made open.

The aim will be to release datasets in formats that are of 3 Star or above in the 5 Star open data model i.e. data is at least available online, in non-proprietary machine readable format, with open license permitting re-use.  Currently most datasets do not reach this level of openness i.e. data is in a proprietary format like Excel tables and PDF documents. 

This initial publication plan has been derived from responses received from council service areas but in the future data sets will be released by considering the following characteristics in no particular priority order:

  • Statutory requirements
  • Whether data is still being collected and updated
  • Public request or feedback
  • Common FOI requests
  • Popularly published data on other open data websites
  • Ease of access and preparation
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