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Deposit Guarantee Scheme

The Deposit Guarantee Scheme supports people that are homeless or threatened with homelessness by allowing them to access private rented accommodation.

The service:

  • works with landlords and letting agents to provide access to quality, privately rented accommodation across Renfrewshire.
  • provides a written guarantee instead of a cash deposit to landlords. Tenants are then required to repay the deposit in monthly instalments direct to the landlord.

The initial tenancy agreement is for six months but can be extended provided both parties are happy to do so.


Information for applicants

The Deposit Guarantee Scheme supports people over the age of 35* who are homeless or threatened with homelessness by providing landlords with a written bond in place of a cash deposit.

Tenants then pay the deposit to the landlord over the course of the initial lease (usually six months).

The scheme doesn't give out cash for deposits, the written bond is provided to the landlord instead to allow you to move in.


  • Access to private rented accommodation
  • Written bond provided to your landlord in place of cash deposit
  • Help finding a high standard property that meets your needs
  • Ensure your landlord complies with registration
  • Help negotiating rent levels and where appropriate applying for Local Housing Allowance (LHA)
  • Fair terms and conditions on your lease
  • Visits to make sure you're settling in ok.

*Assistance can also be provided to applicants aged under 35 at the single/shared room rate of Local Housing Allowance (LHA).  Please see the LHA rates table in the section below for monthly equivalent rent charges.

To register or find out more, call 0141 618 5807 or email


Information for landlords

The Deposit Guarantee Scheme provides a service to assist and support people who are homeless or threatened with homelessness, to enable them to access a private let.

The Deposit Guarantee Scheme  works by providing a written bond, in place of a cash deposit, against damage to the property, or inventory items. Tenants are required to repay the deposit directly to the landlord over the course of the initial lease, usually six months.

The Deposit Guarantee Scheme can extend the bond up to a maximum of 12 months. After this period, the Deposit Guarantee Scheme will withdraw its bond, and it will be up to the landlord and tenant to make arrangements to pay any outstanding deposit.

Benefits for landlords:

  • Direct payments to you*
  • The Deposit Guarantee Scheme source suitable tenants
  • No fees to participate
  • The Deposit Guarantee Scheme complete all Housing Benefit forms and monitor claims
  • The Deposit Guarantee Scheme carry out three-monthly visits
  • Support  for both tenant and landlords
  • The Deposit Guarantee Scheme can arrange mediation if needed
  • The Deposit Guarantee Scheme can provide lease and AT5 if required

* Not currently possible if the client is in receipt of Universal Credit.

The Deposit Guarantee Scheme only covers against damage to the property or inventory items, up to the value of the deposit as specified in the initial lease.

The scheme doesn't cover:

  • Fair wear and tear
  • Rent arrears
  • Rent in advance, administration fees
  • Cleaning or any turnover works
  • Unpaid utility bills
  • Charges for services

The Deposit Guarantee Scheme can only work to the Local Housing Allowance rates (LHA) for rent charges. Housing benefits payments are made four weekly. They are as follows, (valid for period from April 2016 to March 2017):

LHA allowance
 Shared room1 bed2 bed3 bed4 bed
4 weekly£240.00£322.20£405.04£506.28£763.20
Monthly equivalent£260.00£349.05£438.79£548.47£826.80

Landlords must have:

  • Registration number
  • Proof of ownership
  • Valid Gas Safety Certificate (If appropriate)
  • Valid EICR (Electrical Safety Certificate)
  • Energy Performance Certificate
  • Fire Blanket
  • Hard wired smoke alarm(s)
  • Heat sensor
  • Carbon Monoxide Detector
  • Legionella Risk Assessment

Landlord Registration

If you are not a registered landlord find out how to register on our Landlords and Agents page.


Tenancy Deposit Scheme 

From July 2012, the Scottish Government introduced a Tenancy Deposit Scheme. (Please note, this is different to the Deposit Guarantee Scheme).  This is a scheme provided by an independent third party to protect  deposits until they are due to be repaid.

All landlords must register the deposit with one of the three approved schemes:

1.            Letting Protection Service Scotland 
2.            Safedeposits Scotland 
3.            MyDeposits Scotland 

Please refer to these websites for further details and information. We cannot advise which scheme to use.


Tenant Information Pack

The Tenant Information Pack provides important information to tenants who rent their homes privately. Subject to Parliamentary procedure, from 1 May 2013 landlords have a legal duty to provide new tenants with this pack.  For full details please refer to the Scottish Government website.

Useful Guides for Landlords

Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO)

A house in multiple occupation (HMO) is a house or flat where three or more unrelated tenants live and share facilities such as a toilet, washing facilities or cooking facilities.

It can include a house, bed-sit, lodgings, student accommodation, hostel or shared flat.  Houses in multiple occupation have to be licensed  unless they qualify for exemption.  For details please look at our Houses in Multiple Occupation page.

For more information, contact:

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