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Complying with Section 11 of The Homelessness Etc (Scotland) Act 2003

Section 11 of The Homelessness Etc (Scotland) Act 2003 places a duty on all Registered Social Landlords (RSLs), private landlords and creditors to notify the relevant Scottish local authority when they raise proceedings for possession of a property, or serve certain notices relating to a mortgage.

This is to give local authorities early notice of households who may be at risk of homelessness due to eviction.

Who do I notify?

Renfrewshire Council's Housing Advice and Homeless Services Prevention Team respond to notification from RSLs, private landlords and creditors, with an aim to preventing homelessness occurring.

If you are an RSL or private landlord who rents out property within Renfrewshire, or are a creditor who has a standard security (a mortgage) against a property within Renfrewshire, and you're considering taking eviction or repossession action, you should notify our Prevention Team at the following address:

Renfrewshire Council, Development and Housing Services
Housing Advice and Homeless Services
Prevention Team
Abercorn Street Service
15 Abercorn Street
Paisley PA3 4AA

phone: 0300 300 0222
fax: 0141 618 5794

What information do I need to provide?

The Prevention Team will advise you of the information you're required to provide, and we can supply you with standard forms to complete and return.

You can also download copies of the following forms:

  • Notification of Pending Eviction
  • Pre-Court Notification Form
  • Record of Action Taken
  • Section 11 Notice by Creditor
  • Section 11 Notice by Landlord

You can also download our statement of best practice for implementing Section 11 of The Homelessness Etc (Scotland) Act 2003. Please note that this document will be subject to review in the near future.

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