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Change of Vehicle for taxi licence

How do I apply to change my vehicle?

An application pack with an application form and guidance notes can be downloaded from the related content area on the website.

You can apply in person at our Customer Service Centre

You must answer every question on the form. If a question is irrelevant, mark it as 'not applicable'.

What documents do I need to submit with my application?

The application must be accompanied by:

  • bill of sale or a vehicle registration document. Either of these documents must be in the name of the licenceholder or if there is a leasing agreement in place, the lessee's name
  • vehicle inspection pass certificate issued by the Council's Inspection Centre, Underwood Road, Paisley
  • MOT certificate where the vehicle is over 1 years old
  • comprehensive insurance certificate and schedule showing public hire use and must be in the name of the licenceholder or if there is a leasing agreement in place, the lessee's name
  • Leasing agreement, if applicable

How much is the application fee?

Information on fees for all licences can be found in the related content area of the website under civic application fees.

Please note that a fee(s) will also be payable for any new plate(s) required for your vehicle, as set out on the above civic application fees page.

What criteria have to be met to apply to change my vehicle?

Renfrewshire Council operate various policies in respect of vehicles. Information can be obtained from the Civic Enforcement Officer

The main policies that would affect you when making your application are:

  • Types of vehicle to be used as a taxi are on our approved vehicle list
  • be coloured white
  • be less than 8 years old from the date of first registration
  • be subject to 6 monthly inspections as from the time they are 5 years old from the date of first registration


How long will my application take?

When your application is lodged and the appropriate fee has been paid we will endeavour to process your application and issue you with replacement plates within 24 hours.


How do I arrange to have my new vehicle inspected?

Prior to submitting your change of vehicle application, you will require to arrange for an inspection of the proposed vehicle to be licensed. 

Inspections are now booked online. Click here to book your inspection.

After the vehicle is inspected, what do I do?

Once your vehicle has been inspected and passed by the Inspection Centre at Underwood Road, Paisley you will be given an inspection pass certificate which you must bring to the Customer Service Centre along with the documents that you need to apply for your change of vehicle.


How do I get my new plates?

In order that new plates can be issued to you, you require to return your old plates to the Customer Service Centre when you call to collect your new plates. If you are unable to return the old plates you must confirm in writing the reason why you are unable to do so. You will find in the related content area of the website a pro forma form that can be completed if you are unable to return your plates, which please complete and hand in when collecting your new plates.

Please note that a separate fee will be charged for any new plate(s) issued.


Will a new licence be issued?

Once the application has been processed the licenceholder will receive a new licence in the post to reflect the change of vehicle.

How long will my licence last for?

The licence will expire on the same date as the existing licence.

You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these documents. 

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