Renfrewshire Council

Renfrewshire Outdoor Access Forum

Renfrewshire Local Outdoor Access Forum

The Renfrewshire Local Outdoor Access Forum is a group who meet to discuss ways of managing and where possible improving public access in and around Renfrewshire.

The purpose of the forum, it is to:

  • advise on matters to do with the exercise of access rights, the existing and delineation of rights of way and assisting with the update of the Core Paths Plan, and

  • assist parties in disputes regarding the exercise of access rights

The forum represents users (such as cyclists, walkers, horse riders, canoeists and disability users), land owners and managers, community groups and local or national organisations.

If you are interested in representing an interest group on the forum or would like to make a suggestion or raise an issue with the forum please contact the Access Officer at the address below.

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