Renfrewshire Council

When you need our permission

What happens in and around your home could affect other people. As a result, council tenants must have our permission before doing certain things.

Guidelines for a number of these permissions are available including:

  • Altering your pathway or stairs

  • Building a fence, hedge or wall

  • Building a garage

  • Building a garden hut or greenhouse

  • Exchanging homes with someone else

  • Keeping a dog or other large pet

  • Laying a driveway

  • Erecting an aerial or satellite dish

  • Leaving you home for more than four weeks

  • Keeping pigeons and putting up a pigeon loft

You need your neighbours' consent for these permissions:

  • Altering your pathway or stairs

  • Building a fence, hedge or wall

Please print off a copy of the neighbours' consent form and return to your local neighbourhood services.

For guidance on the permissions, please contact your local neighbourhood services office.

  • Carrying out any structural alterations.

  • Changing any of the fixtures or fittings, for example, change the doors or windows, install central heating, fitted kitchen or laminated flooring.

  • Transferring your tenancy to someone else.

  • Running a business from your home.

  • Taking in a lodger in your council house.

Please note that you should not make any changes in our around your home until you have received permission, as this would be a breach of your tenancy conditions.

If you are unsure if you need permission or would like advice on applying, please contact your local neighbourhood housing services.