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Carer Assessment

Are you a carer?

You are a carer if you regularly look after a family member, or help someone who is ill, frail or has a disability.

You are entitled to a carer's assessment if:

  • you regularly provide a substantial amount of care for a relative or friend;
  • you are going to be providing care in the future, for example, to someone who is leaving hospital, or is planning to live with you;
  • you are a parent carer for a child with special needs; and
  • you are a young person caring for a relative.

You don't even have to live with the person you care for.

What is the purpose of a carer's assessment?

A carer's assessment aims to:

  • arrange support and services where possible so you can continue caring - if this is what you want.

  • take account of your needs as a carer. This will include your commitments (family, social, work, leisure and so on) your age, your health and any support services already in place.


It is important that you spend time to consider things that will make your life as a carer better. It may be useful to make some notes so you don't forget anything. Think about:

  • adaptations to the home or equipment you need;
  • help with support you provide;
  • services that give you a break;
  • activities for the person you care for;
  • help to get and keep a job;
  • information on other housing options;
  • counselling;
  • whether you want contact with a carers centre or other carers;
  • information about services and what they cost;
  • information on who to contact in an emergency; and
  • advice on welfare benefits.

About the assessment

It can take place where and when it's convenient for you.

  • you can choose if you would like the person you care for to be there.
  • you may prefer to have someone to translate or sign for you - mention this and we can arrange it.
  • you will receive a written copy of the assessment and we will tell you about any support that can be offered.

Free support and advice is available to unpaid carers in Renfrewshire from local voluntary organisation Renfrewshire Carers Centre.  

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