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Lochwinnoch Conservation Area

Lochwinnoch Conservation Area is a well-preserved planned industrial village which was laid out by a local laird in 1788. It lies between the original settlement at East End and the River Calder.

Three grand vistas along straight streets are closed by two churches and the estate gates. Designated in 1972, the conservation area contains 29 listed buildings.

The following properties lie within the conservation area boundary.

  • Braehead (nos 1-3 & 2 only)
  • Calder Street (nos 1-37 and 2-50 only)
  • Calderhaugh Lane (Bowling Green & Padua only)
  • Church Street (all properties)
  • Craw Place (all properties on south side & rear of 59 High Street only)
  • Eastend (Johnshill to 'Knapdale' only)
  • Harvey Square (all properties)
  • High Street (all properties)
  • John Gregor Place (north west side only) - (The Bungalow)
  • Johnshill (nos 1-11 (Sunnyside) and St. Winnoc's churchyard only)
  • Johnstone Drive (nos 31 - 41 only)
  • Lochlip Road (nos 1-5 only)
  • Main Street (all properties)
  • Mansfield Road ('Minard' only)
  • Muirhead Street (no 7 only)
  • Newton of Barr (nos 2-30 only)
  • St. Winnoc Road (nos 1-9 and 2-12 only)
  • Station Rise (nos 1, 3 & 5)

The boundary of the Lochwinnoch Conservation Area can be viewed on the interactive map under the related links section on this page. 

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