Renfrewshire Council

Houston Conservation Area

Houston Conservation Area covers the planned village laid out by the laird in 1781, to the west of its original site around the parish church and well away from Houston House. 

North Street and South Street were built parallel with the Houston Burn, giving every household access to the stream for washing.

The conservation area, designated in 1968, has 14 listed buildings within it.

The following properties lie within the conservation area boundary:

  • Bogstonhill Road (all properties)
  • Bridge of Weir Road (Scout Hut only)
  • Chapel Road (Bourtree Cottage, Rock Cottage North, 'Rock Cottage South' and 'The Laundry')
  • Cricketfield Lane (all properties)
  • Fields Lane (all properties)
  • Four Windings (all properties)
  • Georgetown Road/Houston Road (north side only)
  • Houston Road (Bellwort House and Kilfillan)
  • Kingslea Road (all properties)
  • Kirk Road (all properties)
  • Main Street (all properties)
  • North Street (all properties)
  • Old Schoolhouse Lane (all properties)
  • South Street (odd nos and nos 2-18 only)

The boundary of the Houston Conservation Area can be viewed on the interactive map under the related links section on this page. 

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