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Renfrewshire Business Training Support

Renfrewshire Business Training Support can provide you with financial assistance towards the cost of staff staff training required to meet identified business growth objectives. 

The type of training can include, but is not limited to:

  • Management development
  • Business planning
  • Financial management
  • Supervisory skills
  • Sales and marketing
  • Business processes

Support can be given for any face-to-face training or distance learning but, where possible, it should lead to a recognised qualification. Both individual and group training can be supported.

The training provider should be registered with the RBTS programme. If the identified provider is not already registered this can be arranged at the time of application.

The grant is paid once the training has been satisfactorily completed, training records have been provided and the training provider paid.

Level of support

  • Up to 50% of training costs for employees of the business
  • If there is no local training provider, then a discretionary contribution to travel and accommodation costs may be made (up to 50% of standard rail/air fares and up to £30 per night accommodation)


  • The business must have a permanent base in the Renfrewshire council area and employ fewer than 250 employees (including employees of any parent company).
  • The business must be engaged in manufacturing or business-to-business services. (Those providing a business service must be able to show that at least 30% of turnover is from outwith Renfrewshire).
  • Retail businesses and businesses providing a service to the general public do not qualify for support.
  • The training should relate to a specific business development objective rather than routine training.
  • Support cannot be provided for training required to meet legislation (eg health and safety).
  • Training which has already started does not qualify for support.

Terms and conditions are explained in the application form.




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