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Register a birth

To register a birth in Renfrewshire, please phone to make an appointment.

Who can register the birth?

If the parents are married to each other or in a civil partnership with one another, the birth can be registered by either the father or mother or second female parent.

If the parents are not married to each other, and the father's name is to be entered into the register, he must attend with the mother.

If the birth is registered by the mother alone, the father's details will not be shown unless he signs a legal declaration in the presence of a Councillor, Justice of the Peace or notary public.

When to register a birth?

A birth must be registered within 21 days.
In exceptional circumstances (eg. if the mother is ill or the father is unavailable), a short postponement can be arranged in consultation with the registrar.

Where to register a birth?

A birth anywhere in Scotland can be registered at any registration office in Scotland.

In Renfrewshire, birth registrations take place in our Paisley, Johnstone and Renfrew offices. Please phone to make an appointment.

You will need

  • Full name and surname of the child.
  • Sex, date, place and exact time of birth of the child.
  • Mother's full name, maiden surname (if this applies), occupation and date of birth.
  • Father's/parent's full name, occupation and date of birth (if this applies).
  • Place and date of your marriage (if this applies).
  • A notification card from the hospital detailing exact date and time of birth.
  • Your marriage certificate (if this applies).

You will receive

  • An abbreviated birth certificate - issued free of charge.
  • A full birth certificate, if desired - a fee of £10 is payable for this.
  • A document to allow you to register the child with a GP (Form EC58).
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