Renfrewshire Council

Priority 10: A well-run Council

Our aspiration

We want Renfrewshire Council to be recognised for our sector leading services and our ability to innovate and invest in our communities while dealing effectively with the budget pressures we face. Our customers come first and all our services are designed with them in mind and we make great use of data to help us achieve better outcomes for our communities.  This Council has big ideas, big plans and we want to share them.


We have successfully met the challenge of increasing demand for services and a reducing budget over the recent years while maintaining and improving the services we provide. The robust financial and change management arrangements we put in place to help us achieve £17m of savings from the first phase of our Better Council Change Programme have served us well and we will further strengthen these going forward to ensure we successfully delivery the £12m savings from the second phase of this programme by 2017/18.

We will not let the financial pressures we face hold back our ambition and focus on innovation.  We will make much better use of data to help us better understand need, target our resources more effectively and use evidence based approaches that we know work.  We will also strengthen how we involve our communities and service users in the design, development and improvement of our services.  We understand that it is only by listening to the experiences and ideas of the people who live in Renfrewshire that we can find solutions that will make a lasting difference.

We will continue to build on and strengthen the excellent partnership working arrangements we have with our public, private and third sector partners across Renfrewshire and our neighbouring Councils who are part of the Glasgow and Clyde Valley City Deal.

Internally we will deliver more efficient strategic planning, service commissioning, financial management, property management, information technology, human resources and business support services for our internal customers, underpinned by a modern Enterprise Resource Planning system.  We will also invest in a new web site and online customer portal to allow us to provide our customers with easy to use digital services; providing the customer with a choice on how, where and when they interact with us and helping us to improve the efficiency of our own internal processes.

What we will do

  • Successfully deliver the next phase of the Better Council Change Programme
  • Encourage the organisation to be ambitious and innovative
  • Continue to review and optimise the use of our assets (property, infrastructure, vehicles, ICT and information) to best meet the needs of the organisation and customers
  • Ensure we have the right organisational structures and processes to support effective and efficient service delivery
  • Successfully implement the ERP solution and deliver the benefits set out in the business case
  • Create digital services, in conjunction with our customers, that will enable them to interact with us at a time and place that is convenient
  • Develop a consistent approach to customer involvement in all aspects of service design and delivery

How will we know we have been successful?

Our success measures will be:

  • Better Council Change Programme savings delivered in line with benefits tracker
  • The number of our customer we involve in the design and improvement of our services
  • Number of transactions carried out online
  • Number of complaints received about Council services across all channels
  • The level of public satisfaction with the services we provide
  • Percentage of complaints handled quickly (at stage 1)
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