Renfrewshire Council

Priority 7: Supporting and sustaining people

Our aspiration

We will invest in helping people to fulfil their potential and we want to ensure that no young person in Renfrewshire that wants a job can't get one.  We have established successful approaches to attracting and developing employment opportunities and supporting local people to seek lasting and well paid employment within Renfrewshire.


We are proud of our great track record in helping people access employment opportunities. As a result of our Invest in Renfrewshire programme we have helped reduce youth unemployment levels in Renfrewshire to their lowest rates in over 20 years.

We will continue to target youth unemployment and try and get rid of it altogether.  We will work closely with our colleagues in Children's Services and West College Scotland to develop targeted support for our looked after children and those from poorer households to support the successful transition from school to sustainable employment opportunities and careers.

We will also use the successful approaches we have developed for dealing with youth unemployment to help a range of other age groups who find it difficult to move into employment.

We will ensure our priority of supporting people into employment runs through our other key priorities including the City Deal programme, Paisley's bid to become UK City of Culture and our Tackling Poverty action plan.

What we will do

  • We will create additional waged opportunities for young people through (i) wage incentives to local employers to create new jobs, (ii) provide paid graduate internships for unemployed graduates and (iii) providing work experience in Renfrewshire Council for those with little work experience and qualifications.
  • We will create a range of operational programmes for the development of Youth and Adult Employability services using the approved £6.4m European Structural Fund grant and will endeavour to secure additional EU funds.
  • We will focus and target the 50+ age group to improve job outcomes through a range of programmes based on the success of some of our youth employment programmes.
  • We will deliver the City Deal Working Matters programme, targeting those on health related benefits and support them back into employment.
  • We will have an increased focus on employability support at school, ensuring that greater numbers progress to positive destinations and supporting our young people to make the best career and educational choices for future work.

How will we know we have been successful?

Our success measures will be:

  • Number of unemployed people 50+
  • Number of unemployed young people
  • Number of (additional) waged opportunities created for young people
  • Percentage of City Deal Working Matters programme clients going into employment
  • Number of unemployed people that have participated in Council funded or operated employability activities
  • No. of unemployed people that have progressed to employment as a result of participation in Council funded/operated employability activities
  • School leavers going on to positive and sustained destinations
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