Renfrewshire Council

Priority 4: A sustainable Renfrewshire

Our aspiration

We want the Council to play its part in tackling climate change by focusing on reducing energy use and carbon emissions across all aspects of our operations, making sure that the majority of waste collected is recycled  and working with our partners to make Renfrewshire's economy and communities as sustainable as possible.


There is a growing scientific and political consensus that man-made climate change poses a huge threat to the future wellbeing of many countries and communities across the world.  It is important for all of us to play our part to reduce this threat and to mitigate the impact of rising temperatures and associated sea level rises.

While we recognise that the actions of Renfrewshire Council alone will have minimal impact on the global climate, we will encourage the collective action that will make a difference by leading by example across all our own operations and by encouraging others through our civic and community planning leadership role.

The Council's Carbon Management Plan sets out an ambitious target to reduce carbon emissions from our buildings, fleet, waste, street lighting and staff travel.  Over the next two years we will replace all the street lights in Renfrewshire with modern, energy efficient LED lanterns which use 60% less energy.  We also plan to reduce carbon emissions by using more electric and other alternative fuel vehicles in our Council fleet.

We are committed to the delivery of Scotland's Zero Waste Plan and will work hard to meet its challenging waste minimisation and recycling targets.  The Council has performed strongly in recent years and has seen significant improvements in recycling rates.  We will continue to encourage our residents to minimise and recycle their waste and our focus on delivering cost effective waste management services to them.

We are a partner in the Clyde Valley Residual Waste Initiative which will deliver a shared facility for the treatment and disposal of residual waste and will assist the Council in complying with the Zero Waste Plan.  Our preferred bidder has been identified for the project and it is anticipated the final contract will be awarded in Spring 2016.  Overall the project is on target to be completed and operational by 2021.

The Council is working to ensure Renfrewshire's homes are energy efficient by delivering programmes such as: the Scottish Housing Quality Standard; achieving the National Home Energy Ratings target; and the Home Energy Efficiency Standard.  This strategy will help provide better insulated, more energy efficient homes, and address fuel poverty.

What we will do

  • Replace all of Renfrewshire's street lights with modern, low energy LED lanterns
  • Increase the number of alternative fuel vehicles in the Council fleet
  • Achieve the target of 5% of waste to landfill by 2021
  • Ensure the Clyde Valley Residual Waste Initiative is completed and operational by 2020/2021
  • Improve the energy efficiency of public housing in Renfrewshire and strive to encourage the same in private housing

How will we know we have been successful?

Our success measures will be:

  • Compliance with 2021 Landfill Ban and percentage of household waste recycled
  • Percentage of street lighting columns in Renfrewshire which are LED
  • Percentage of vehicle fleet which uses alternative fuels, such as electricity
  • Total CO2 emissions for Renfrewshire Council (tonnes)
  • Percentage of Renfrewshire households that are in fuel poverty
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