Renfrewshire Council

Priority 3: Protecting the public

Our aspiration

We want Renfrewshire to be a safe place for its residents and business and be a place where the most vulnerable in our communities are protected and have strong advocates to support them.


Protecting the public and keeping our communities safe is one of our most important roles and we have a strong track record of working closely with our partners to achieve this.

It is about creating resilience in our buildings, organisations and communities so that if bad things happen as a result of accidents or criminal intent, the impact is reduced and we can recover quickly and effectively.  It is about supporting vulnerable people, advocating on their behalf and caring for them.  It is about protecting our assets and resources from exploitation and theft.

We will continue to take a strong lead role on adult and child protection across Renfrewshire and the delivery of services to manage and support offenders in the community.  We will build on the excellent partnership arrangements we have in place to support this work through joint training and the work of the Renfrewshire Child and Adult Protection Committees.  We will work with our partners to implement the requirements of the Community Justice Act, which will see responsibility for managing community justice arrangements transfer to Community Planning Partnerships in 2016.

We will continue to develop projects and programmes to prevent and address violence and criminal behaviour in our communities and work hard to encourage pro-social behaviour and prevent patterns of criminality from developing. We will target our resources to wrap support around our most vulnerable residents.

Our Enforcement and Regulatory services will work to ensure that the goods and services bought by our communities and local businesses are safe, support the regeneration of our town centres and improve the safety of our businesses and night time economy.

Working with partners locally and nationally we will ensure we are well prepared to deal with civil emergencies or major incidents.  We will work with Police Scotland to better understand and tackle emerging and live issues in relation to terrorism and organised crime.

What we will do

  • Support Paisley First to achieve Purple Flag status and deliver the same standards of community safety in all town centres
  • Deliver a minimum of six 'Building Safer Communities' interventions focused on environmental improvements; reducing the number of victims of crime and unintentional harm; and improving perceptions of safety and wellbeing
  • Expand the range of activities provided by our successful Street Stuff programme and get more young people involved
  • Ensure all council services have Business Continuity Plans in place and that Incident Response Guides are in place for key businesses and assets, so that we can react and recover quickly when things go wrong
  • Ensure all relevant employees have the training, awareness, and skills to keep those people at risk of harm as safe as possible
  • Develop and deliver plans for the Community Planning Partnership to take over responsibility for Community Justice
  • Develop and deliver a strategy for how the Council will respond locally to the risks posed by serious organised crime
  • Deliver the benefits expected from the new Renfrewshire Community Safety Hub.

How will we know we have been successful?

Our success measures will be:

  • Percentage of adults who agree that Renfrewshire is a safe place to live
  • Number of antisocial behaviour incidents reported
  • Number of crimes of violence recorded
  • Percentage of offenders who re-convict after one year
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