Renfrewshire Council

Priority 1: Physical and economic regeneration

Our aspiration

We want Renfrewshire to be a location where people and families choose to live because of the great quality of life and work opportunities it provides for all of our residents.  We want all type of business and social enterprise, large and small, to thrive and create well-paying employment opportunities.


Renfrewshire has many advantages: we have beautiful countryside, historic buildings and pretty villages; we have great air, road and rail connections to Scotland and the outside world and we are an important part of the Glasgow & Clyde Valley City Region, Scotland's economic powerhouse.

In the midst of this, however, we also have long standing pockets of disadvantage and poverty, and like many places some of our town centres have suffered from economic decline and changing shopping habits.

We are determined to use the advantages at our disposal to ensure that all of our residents, communities, town centres and businesses can thrive, and to make Renfrewshire a destination of choice for visitors and investors.

Central to this is providing new homes across Renfrewshire to meet the needs and aspirations of our residents. Renfrewshire Council, our Housing Association partners and the private sector are working together to create attractive places to live. Great progress has already been made at Johnstone Castle and Thrushcraigs in Paisley, and we're ready to take forward our plans for Paisley West End. We are also making sure that major new developments like Dargavel Village in Bishopton are designed to benefit both the existing community and the new residents.

A major driver of economic development over the coming years will be the £1.13billion Glasgow and Clyde Valley City Deal. Renfrewshire is ideally placed to benefit from the estimated 15,000 construction jobs and 29,000 long term jobs that this ground-breaking partnership initiative will create over the next 20 years. £274 million will be spent directly in Renfrewshire on three major infrastructure projects which will develop Renfrew Riverside, improve access to Glasgow Airport, and provide new international business locations next to the airport.  We will focus our efforts on maximising the benefits City Deal brings to Renfrewshire's communities and businesses.

We will expand our successful business growth programme Invest in Renfrewshire, which has already created 1000 new jobs in the first 1000 days of the programme, and will develop new ways of supporting business start-ups, including our InCube business incubator and retail academy.

What we will do

  • Complete our City Deal project plans and make sure local people and business will benefit as much as possible from these.
  • Keep reducing the number of our young people that are unemployed or not in training.
  • Support new business and social enterprise start-ups across Renfrewshire.
  • Work with our Housing Association partners to build more affordable homes in Renfrewshire.
  • Make big improvements to the social housing available in Johnstone Castle and Paisley West End.
  • Progress the development of Community Growth Areas across Renfrewshire, ensuring benefits for existing and new residents.
  • Work with our communities and partners to identify and deliver actions that will improve our town and village centres.
  • Complete the development of the Arnotts site and develop regeneration plans for sites across all of our town centres.
  • Work with Paisley First Business Improvement District to deliver a cleaner, safer and more welcoming town centre.
  • Use new and innovative approaches such as Simplified Planning Zones to attract new development and investment.

How will we know we have been successful?

Our success measures will be:

  • Number of new affordable house completions (both social and private)
  • Increase in business and commercial floorspace in Renfrewshire's economic investment locations
  • Net number of new businesses and social enterprises formed each year
  • Percentage of commercial properties vacant in on our town centres
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