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MEDIA RELEASE: Four sets of twins start school together at Renfrewshire primary school

Four sets of twins are starting school together as schools across Renfrewshire reopen following a prolonged closure due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Twins Ayla and Elliot Clark, Evie and Owen McGuinness, Emily and Freya McNamara and Archie and Charlie Paterson were excited to meet their new classmates in the playground of Bishopton Primary School.

Their parents were in the playground to wave them off as they went into school for the first time.

Mums Fiona Paterson and Charlene McNamara said their twins were excited about starting school.

Fiona said: "Charlie and Archie are so excited about coming to school and seeing their friends again. I work part-time as a nanny so the boys have been coming to work with me over the past few months."

Charlene added "Freya and Emily have a big sister going in to primary 3 and they can't wait to join her at school."

Emily and Freya are the first set of twins in the family, with Charlie and Archie coming from a long line of twins.

Charlene said "My husband is a doctor and he realised we were having twins when we went for our first scan. I was crying in shock while he could only laugh."

Almost 2,000 children started P1 today in Renfrewshire, with 20 twins at schools across the area.

Headteacher Wendy McNaught is delighted to welcome the twins into school on their first day. She said: "It's always an exciting time for the new P1s as they start school and having so many sets of twins will make it an interesting year for pupils and staff alike."

Renfrewshire schools are strictly following national guidance on safety and hygiene measures to ensure the health and wellbeing of all children and young people, their families and staff.

Schools are also running a health and wellbeing programme focusing on supporting pupils starting and returning to school and nursery.

Education Convener, Councillor Jim Paterson, said: "Our schools are ready to welcome everyone back into the classroom. Everyone in our schools has been involved, whether that's the teachers and teaching staff, office staff, cleaners, janitors and catering team.

"The safety and wellbeing of everyone within our school communities is our single biggest priority and while following national guidance will mean some changes within our schools, we are working towards the learning environment being as normal as possible for everyone."

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Published 12 August 2020