Renfrewshire Council

Change of transport contractor for Trinity High pupils living in Gallowhill area 10 August 2020

This is an update on home to school transport for pupils living in the Gallowhill area and attend Trinity High School. It is dated Monday 10 August 2020.

You will now travel to your school on a Gibson Direct bus from the start of term until the October school holidays.

During this time you will no longer us McGills buses to travel to school. We will update you on travel arrangements for home to school transport after the October school holidays as soon as we can. 

Travel details

School days: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday

Start date: 12 August 2020

End date: 9 October 2020

Morning pick up: 8.20am at Netherhill Road bus stops

Afternoon pick up: 4.00pm at Trinity High School

Further information

  1. Times specified relate to vehicles if provided adjacent to school premises. Where arrival / departure locations are not adjacent to the school, the arrival time specified will be advanced by one minute for every 100 metres, or part thereof, between arrival point and the school gate. Departure time will be delayed similarly. Vehicles using terminal / turning areas will be required to be stationary and in position prior to close of school day.

  2. Standard school year will be 190 days, with any operational variation subject to financial adjustment. Schools will close for end of term in December and April at 1430, June at 1300 with specified departure and drop off times to be revised accordingly. Indicative school holiday dates enclosed.

  3. The above contract specification has been agreed between the Education Department and the Transport Partnership