Renfrewshire Council

Advice for pupils while travelling on McGills buses

This is advice for pupils travelling to school on McGills buses. It is issued by McGills and is dated August 2020.

McGills are cleaning their buses throughout the day to keep pupils safe.

Pupils are asked to follow these safety tips to safely travel to school on a McGills bus.

Use mobile or smart payment if possible

Change isn't available at the moment, so please use McGills app, ticket gifting or make sure you have the correct fare.

Cover your mouth and nose

If you are over 5 years old, you should wear a face covering while travelling.

Be patient

If the bus reaches its capacity, you may be asked to wait for the next bus. Where possible, travel earlier in the morning and expect delays and restrictions during afternoon peak. 

Keep your distance

Please site apart from adults where possible

More information is available on McGills buses' website.