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In this section you will find information relating to Display Screen Equipment Self-Assessment forms

Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Self-Assessment Forms

From Monday 10th August, employees can complete their Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Self-Assessment on Business World. Before you carry out a DSE Self-Assessment, you must complete the DSE Awareness Training Module on iLearn.

The form is designed to help you assess how suitable your DSE workstation is and covers the following:

  • All DSE related equipment;
  • The working environment;
  • User and work routines; and
  • Health information

If you identify any concerns, please note the details on your form and discuss these with your line manager directly to ensure he/she is clear on what action may be required.

For further guidance on completing your DSE self-assessment on Business World, please click on the user guides located in the related documents section of this page.

There is additional guidance for line managers on what actions should be taken in Business World once an employee has completed their DSE self-assessment.

Further information in relation to Display Screen Equipment can be found on the Intranet DSE Policy & Checklist or by contacting a member of the Health & Safety Team.