Renfrewshire Council

Celebrating our critical childcare hub heroes

Our critical childcare hubs are disbanding now that schools are reopening for staff in June. We would like to thank everyone who supported our hubs - the cleaners, the janitors, the catering teams, the teaching, school and early years staff and Renfrewshire Leisure staff. We couldn't have done it without you.


Todholm hub

Big thanks to Cherie O'Neil (Renfrewshire Leisure), Debbie Wilson, Emma Herd, Kirsteen McDonald, Angela Mullen, Patricia Barclay and Megan Black.

Debbie Wilson said: "It has been good. The kids have been fantastic and adapted well."

Patricia Barclay said: " I have enjoyed it. It has made me aware of how I can support my team going back."

Staff at Todholm childcare hub

Hub staff Debbie Wilson

Hub staff Patricia Barclay

Nursery children celebrated graduating from the hubs with these lovely certificates. Here's Daisy May, Etienne and Olivia.

Daisy May nursery graduation

Etienne nursery graduation

Olivia nursery graduation

Isla and Jenson both attended Todholm but came from further afield in Renfrewshire. They got some lovely sweets ont their last day at the hub.

Isla from Bishopton

Jensen from Houston


Trinity High hub

Pupils got treated to a pizza lunch. Their parents also sent in loads of sweets and cakes to say thank you to the staff. 

Street Stuff have played a big part by being there every single day the hub was open and Renfrew Community Council also gave some money so the school could get some resources for the young people.

Trinity High pizza

Trinity High pizza

Trinity High pizza

Trinity High pizza


West hub

With a bit of help from Mrs Scott, children put together this lovely song to say thank you to all their carers at the hub. 


West Johnstone hub

We're sure everyone loved tucking into this delicious cake. We also got some lovely pictures from staff and the children. 

West Johnstone staff and children

West Johnstone staff and children

West Johnstone staff and children

West Johnstone celebration cake