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Easy Read: Stay at home

When should you follow this advice?



There are signs to look out for that mean you might have Coronavirus. 

Doctors call signs of illness symptoms.

2 One sign of having Coronavirus is a cough.
3 Another sign is finding it hard to breathe.

Being really hot with a temperature over 38 is a sign of Coronavirus. 

This is called a fever.


When should I follow this advice?


5 If you or a person you live with has signs of coronavirus you must do household isolation.



This means if you live alone stay at home for 10 days.



If you live with other people they should stay at home 14 days
8 During the 14 days if a person you live with shows signs of being ill they must stay at home for 10 days.

They might show signs of being ill in the second week of being at home. 

This means they might have to stay at home for more than 14 days in total.


What to think about if I have to stay at home


11 Contact friends or neighbours now who might be able to help if you have to stay at home.
12 They might be able to bring you things like food and medicine.
13 Try not to be close to the people that you live with.
14 Try to sleep in a different bed on your own.
15 Try very hard to stay away from people in your house that might get very ill.
16 Keep washing your hands for 20 seconds.
17 Sneeze into a tissue you can throw away.
18 Throw the tissue into the bin after and wash your hands
19 Do not share things in your house like towels or razors


How can you help make yourself feel better?


20 You can drink lots of water.
21 You can take medicine like paracetamol.
22 Try to have lots of fresh air by opening a window.
23 Try to keep your bathroom clean.
24 Try to keep your plates and cutlery clean.
25 Try to speak to people using the phone or internet.



Keep busy by doing things like cooking or watching TV.


Should I go outside?


28 Do not go to an appointment with the doctor or dentist.
29 Do not go on any travel you have booked.

Someone might come to give you care and support.

You might have to wear a facemask if someone is in your house to help you. 

31 Remember even when you feel better to keeping staying at home as much as you can.