Renfrewshire Council

Easy Read: Common questions about Coronavirus

1 Can you catch the virus from towels and bedsheets?
2 Yes so do not share towels and bedsheets with other people.
3 Wash them separately from other people's washing .
4 Wash your laundry at the temperature it says on the label.
5 Do not shake dirty laundry as this will spread the virus.


6 I know someone at work who might have the virus. What do I do?
7 Nothing special if you are feeling well.
8 If you become ill stay at home for 14 days.
9 If you feel very ill phone 111.
10 If your child becomes ill follow the same advice


11 If I catch the virus, will I feel ill straight away?
When feel ill No it could be a few days unitl you start to feel ill.


12 Can my pet catch the coronavirus?

No, we don't think so.

You should still wash your hands with soap and water after you touch your pet.


14 I am a carer
What do I do if I need to self-isolate and can't care for the person?
15 Phone the social work department and tell them about the person you care for. 
16 They will think about what the person you care for needs.
17 Ask your family and friends if they could help out.
Write down info Write down important information about what the person needs and leave it in a place that is easy to find.


Home visitor What about my home visits from health and social care staff?
19 If you have to self-isolate phone to tell them
Worker knows They will know what to do and they will tell you.


20 What if I am pregnant and I get the virus?
20 We don't think you will become very ill.
21 We don't think the baby will get it.
26 Follow the rules about social distancing.
23 You can read more advice about being pregnant here but it is not in easy read.




What if I have a condition that suppresses my immunity? 

Or what if I take medicine that suppresses my immunity?

And what if I am living with people who are self isolating?

24 If I have suppressed immunity, that means I can catch other diseases much more easily.
25 Phone your GP or another doctor or nurse for advice.
26 Follow the rules about social distancing.


27 How should I clean the surfaces in my home?
27 Use a detergent.
28 And use a disinfectant.
29 You can mix these things together or use them one after the other.
30 Always wash your hands after cleaning surfaces.
31 Wash the cleaning cloths or throw them away.



32 Is it safe to drink from water fountains?
33 Do not put your mouth to a water fountain.
34 You can fill a water bottle or a cup from a water fountain 
Make sure the spout does not touch your bottle or cup